Sunday, May 15, 2011

Why I Like Blastoise

One of my favorite Pokemon of all time is blue.  Yes. Blue.  Lots of Pokemon are blue.  Actually, blue has the most pokemon out of any color catergory in the game.  By the title and picture of this post, you should be able to guess that it is #9, Blastoise.
Blastoise is one bad tortoise.  Now tortoise's usually are land dwelling, but Blastoise say "screw nature!" and swims in the water.  What truly makes him a badass though?  Is it that he is a tortoise that can swim?  Maybe that he has claws.  Maybe its the fact that he has TWO FREAKING CANNONS IN HIS SHELL!!  Yes.  Pokemon have intersting features, but really? Cannons?  When a pokemon has artillery, you know he's a badass.  That is the very simple reason why I love Blastoise and why he is one of my favorite pokemon.

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